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Do you believe holding digital assets, can pay your
Pulsa for life? Get UPPS Token

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First in Indonesia - Digital Assets for Digital Products
We Believe

that the potential growth of Digital Asset such as Cryptocurrency is very massive. however its utility has not reached the maximum usability in the retail market, primarily in Indonesia In that case, we are developing an ecosystem , where retail market can utilize digital assets for digital product.

Our Mission

in uppsme, we aim to flourish the local mom-and-pops shop and SMEs to achieve financial stability
by providing them access to Digital Assets..

Our Vision

is to . increase utilization growth of digital assets in our daily lives

Get UPPS Token
Digital Wallet for your everyday

Our ecosystem and technology bridges digital assets and
digital products in one single digital wallet.

We provide the access to convert your digital assets into our
eWallet currency that we call Uppspoints. Uppspoints allows
users to purchase digital products such as Pulsa & Paket Data,
Token PLN, Discount Vouchers, eMoney Top Up, etc.

Our technology provides liquidity for digital asset holders
by letting our users to a wide variety of digital products.


in UPPSME, our project is also about starting a movement called #KeluargaDigital, or also translated to #DigitalFamily where local SMEs and
moms-and-pops shop
are able to receive digital assets whenever our users trade our token..


from the total token being transacted will be redistributed to token holders.


from the total token being transacted will be dotaned to empower SMEs and mom-and-pops shop in Indonesia.

Benefits and Features

Hold and Earn

5% from every transaction of UPPS Token will be redistributed back to token holders. The more UPPS Holders, the more UPPS distributed.

Fast Convert

Instantly convert your UPPS token into uppspoint to purchase other digital products.

Trade to Donate

purchase our token to localize digital assets for local SMEs. #KeluargaDigital

Tim Kami

Wilson Tan
Chief Executive Officer
of UppsMe
Nathaniel Kwai
Chief Financial Officer
of UppsMe
Nathaniel Kwai
Christopher Kurniawan
Chief Technology Officer
of UppsMe
Christopher Sie
Edward Guustaaf
Digital Assets Advisor
of UppsMe
Edward Guustaaf
Sunil Tolani
Marketing Advisor
of UppsMe
Ina Hutasoit
Business Strategy Advisor
of UppsMe
Ina Hutasoit
Hendrikus Passagi
Financial Advisor
of UppsMe
Hendrikus Passagi
Roby Tan
Operations Advisor
of UppsMe
Roby Tan


  • Q4 2021
    • App Development
    • Implementasi fitur swap di VexSwap
    • New Website Revamp
    • New Litepaper Update
  • Q1 2022
    • Launching App
    • Launching Wallet in App
    • Launching Product: Discount Voucher, Pulsa & Paket Data, Token PLN
    • Staking of UPPS Token
  • Q2 2022
    • Launching Projek #KeluargaUMKM untuk Warung
    • Integrate BSC & ERC20 to App Wallet
    • New Produk: Top Up Saldo eMoney & Voucher Game
  • Q3 2021
    • Launching Projek #KeluargaUMKM untuk Internet ke desa-desa
    • New Produk: Pembayaran BPJS & Tiket Atraksi

Support Us

Start from Rp 10,000

you are able to support this local project, help mom-and-pops
shop and SMEs in Indonesia, and become
UPPS token holder that we call Uppsfriends.

Get UPPS Token

Contact Us

To learn more, contact us through Whatsapp and find out in how you are able
to support and contribute more.